Thursday, April 28, 2005

As promised, I wanted to touch on AmId as I haven't spoke on it (or even saw it) the last few weeks. I just wanted to point out my favs from the genesis, Carrie and Scott, both made the top nickel. I got an eye for talent don't I? Constantine was good throughout, but he picked an annoying Nickelback song. You can't win with that song choice. Anyway, suprised to see that even 2 rockers made it this deep in the game. As for whos left in predicted order of finish:

~ Anthony - Will be voted off the island next week. No male should ever do a Celine Dion song. Suffers from Clayitis.

~ Scott - This dude is a competitor, and that's why I like him. He covered a song with the actual writers in the audience! How's that for boldness. And he did Luther's "Dance with my Father" this week. I thought it was poignant and solid, but Simon irritated me by saying he should pack his bags, which in turn prompted me to vote. I'm sure I wasn't the only one, as he placed in the top half.

~ Vonzell - Everyone's favorite black-belt mail lady performer in the nation. A sweet girl, can sang with the best of them, but missing that intangible. Bronze shouldn't be too bad.

~ Bo - He has a chance to win now that he'd potentially grab all of Constantine's votes. Liked his Bohemiam Rhapsody performance last week, but hated his 'fit. The people seem to like him though. Has a dope name.

And the 2005 AI winner is:

~ Carrie Underworld - Prettier than Kelly C, better voice than Fantasia, and more appealing than Ruben. Country music sells a boatload of records (see Garth, Faith, Shania, et al) and she has potential. And I picked her from the jump. Congrats Carrie!