Thursday, April 28, 2005

Only 3 more episodes of SV to go. "Blank" was only a decent episode until the end, when they revisited the Clark & Lana relationship. This is probably the strongest plot of the whole series and its what the people are begging for (well, at least me). The plot is basically the same each week: there's a new freak in town, he causes some drama, the people of SV are jeopardized, Clark has some kind of drawback, Chloe & Clark go all Scooby Doo and investigate the strange behavior, they come up with a solution, and SV is back to "normal."

Not sure if I'ma hopeless romantic (can guys be that?), but I love them damn CK/LL scenes. Regular viewers are used to seeing LL walk away at the end. I've probably yelled "go after her!" or "say something!" or "grow balls!" about 100 times over the course of the series. And I did it again yesterday. And he obliged! Just call me cupid. "Lana wait!" No sweeter words have ever been uttered. "This time it'll be different." That CK is a confident fellow I tell you. I mean, I was hoping they could build on their prom dance from the prior week and not just ignore it. This is climaxing well for the final 3 episodes. Now if the writers could get Chloe to stop yearning after CK, as she admits, there's Lana, "the love of your life."

Oh yeah, there are other characters in the show. Lois is dope...she took awhile to get used to, but she's an asset to SV. Jason is getting to be a prick. You can't just grab LL like that! Lex tried to take advantage of CK's amnesia. The Kent 'Rents were AWOL this show...that's about it.

AI update coming in the PM.