Monday, April 25, 2005

Monday(n) = Mundane.

Kinda ironic how they also sound the same. Anyway, I went to Berkeley's PCN this past weekend, and here are my notes from what I recall:

~ Started off with their rendition of Dilated & K-West's "This Way," complete with orchestra and chant. Expecting the national anthem, we get this instead. Its gonna be an interesting evening (keep in mind its like 3:30 at the moment.)

~ While watching it I was just recollecting of the PCNs I've participated in (represent the '00 and '01 casts holler!), and they were good times. Even if the performances weren't hehehe.

~ I think every PCN follows the same darn skeleton. Urban dancing and cultural dancing, sprinkle in some spoken word, some spotty acting, storylines stretched to tie-in together, the yo-yo fact, the Q-Bert (and now Chad Hugo) references, no regard to length, etc. PCNs are like eggs - you can have them scrambled, boiled, poached, over-easy or with patis, but they're still eggs yo(lk).

~ No Tinikling!? I think UC-B is the only campus to not do this dance. Damn leftists.

~ I've heard the story of the I-Hotel and seen the video so many times the awareness tends to lose its meaning and effect. Regardless, gentrification can suck a fatty.

~ Still waiting for that national anthem as the orchestra is the shining star so far.

~ There was a particular skit that was talking about teenage pregnancy, who in turn was talking to a mail-order bride, who were both being treated by a lesbian nurse. Must they have to tackle each topic?

~ There's been a Ryan Manuel sighting in the audience, who reminds me that our PCNs were better (except in 1999). Word.

~ A recurring theme was the exploitation of Filipina womyn, primarily through the sex trade. They stated a fact that Filipina womyn (um that's how they spelled it) were the biggest exported ethnic group. But this figure can include domestics, nurses and other non-sex occupations. Anyway, it made me feel bad about going to them strip clubs in Manila and I probably won't go again.

~ Or maybe not.

~ Yall remember studying how 1% black makes the person fully black? You know, back in your social studies classes talking about the 3/5s vote or whatever. Filipinos tend to do the same thing. There was this slideshow that showed famous people, and Schneider, Caughlin, and Minnillo were all featured. Man we need more full-blooded filipinos yall.

~ I just learned I'm either 1/8 or 1/16 spanish. No wonder I like paella a lot.

~ Their cast was massive, like 150 people. I don't think there were even 150 filipinos at UCSB! Well if there were, I probably knew 149 of them.

~ I remember Joe recruiting me to do that dance where dudes where nothing but that scarf over their stuff. Man I'm so glad I didn't oblige.

~ We're a corny bunch, us filipinos.

~ Talent level at UC-B was only okay. I was expecting more, just considering the amount of people, but the girls at UCSB are > than Berkeley. Good thing I didn't apply there. Well maybe they just showed up at the after-party.

~ 4 hours later, it ends. And roughly 4 years ago, I was in my last PCN, even if it was just 2 lines.