Thursday, September 09, 2004

Where art thou O Reegsta? Err I've been here. Could've went to LA, could've went to NY, but I decided to kick it home during the extended weekend. Played baseball. I suck. Played poker. To borrow from Mr. Rock, I suck more than Jenna Jameson. My pocket queens bowed down to pocket aces. That one really hurt.

I wanted to write about the VMAs, but that seemed so long ago. I liked and didn't like how Ursher called out JT. The ironic thing is that Ursher says he's R&B, but yet he doesn't write his own ish supposedly. And is a Lil Jon beat really R&B? Being the elitist I am, them beats aren't even Hip-Hop! Ursher is as much pop as JT. Another gripe is like he's the victim in this whole "these are my con-fessions..." schpool (<--typo). No, if he didn't have abs of steel, then everyone would be hatin' on him for cheating. Ursher resentment from reegsta? When he calls out JT yes! Lastly, Justified > Confessions. That's what it basically boils down to.

Overrated: Fergie. Or at least she looks better with a hat on. Or better yet, from the neck down.

What's Nick gonna do without Newlyweds?! Glad to see my boy present with Paris and not just be Jessica's accessory. Hmmm, not sure if their variety show was a rousing success, but he's gonna guest star in Charmed and be Alyssa's love interest. Still ain't gonna watch it though.

13 more days until SMALLVILLE: season IV! Man, like Jennifer Love Hewitt, I Can't Hardly Wait.

As the season winds down, the OG G-unit (Giants) are still in the hunt. I really really hope they playoffs. Am still planning on making it to a regular season game (*hint hint MSB*).

Song of the moment: Memory - Sugarcult (man i'm such a pute boy now)

Video of the moment: She will be Loved - M5 (sorry TL, its a dope video!)

Flavor of the moment: Salmon schmear on a blueberry bagel. Yummm!

Athlete of the moment: Natalie Coughlin (didn't know she was a 1/4 filipino and from the bay!)

Thought of the moment: I wonder if Joey will be funny. After all, he was my favorite character on that dumb show (hope I didn't offend anyone!)

Reegism #145482 (one day I'll compile a whole list): "What I eat doesn't make you s__t"