Friday, September 10, 2004

I'm about to embark in one of life's most difficultest challenges. I've been putting this off for some time now because of its tumultuous nature, stressfulness and sheer magnitude. There is no going back. In anticipation of Mr. Shakur's 8th year death anniversary, which is sept 13 for those in the "no" (not "know"), I'm gonna create his Greatest Hits compilation, from Reeg's perspective. Death Row did a decent job with his double disc a few years back, but ensuingly trashed his music with all subsequent releases. With the exception of Makaveli, all his posthumous releases were mediocre to wack. nevertheless, I'm aiming for 16-18 tracks, or whatever could fit on an 80 minute disc. Here's my temporary list, and any suggestions, while appreciated, would be shot down:

me against the world
staring in my rearview
only god can judge me
ambitionz of a ridah
hold ya head
i get around
hit em up
gotta survive
dusted and disgusted
life goes on
thug passion
n____z done changed
bomb first
ghetto star
life goes on
california love
same song

*Disclaimer: I already own these cds. They are real and not bootlegged, nor downloaded. They have been purchased with my hard earned, clean money. Next up: The Bay Area's Greatest Hits!