Friday, September 10, 2004

60 Second Reeg-view:
The Bourne Supremecy

So I peeped this flick last night. But I haven't even seen The Bourne Identity. Who does that? Have people seen Dumb and Dumberer but not Dumb and Dumber? Bring it On Again but not Bring it On? Anyhow, I guess I answered my own! Well the last time I saw Matt Damon in a movie was in EuroTrip, where he gets to mack on none other than KK...grrrrr. Actually, I didn't really watch Eurotrip, I just saw that particular cameo (gotta <3 the internet!). So as I'm watching this movie, I'm thinking to myself "that bastard." And that's what I thought throughout the movie, so I really couldn't get into it. But still it wasn't bad for an espionage action flick.

Final Rating: $$ (would've been higher if he wasn't in Eurotrip)