Friday, August 06, 2004

Friday's Grab Bag with a Twist. My goal is too have each bullet having a segue (segway) into the ensuing topic:

- I've never been to a Summer Jam in my life. I was listening to KMEL and heard the roster for this year's event. Boyz II Men...LL Cool J...En Vogue, and is this 2004 or 1994? And they're playing it as if they're old school. They are not Old School - they're more Middle School. Couldn't they get current artists to headline? I know they can't push as many units as in their heyday, so touring is where the $$$ is at.

- Did I mention I ran into Boyz II Men at the Manila Airport? I got a picture with them. And one of them asked for my cousin's phone #. =/

- I saw a pic of an Asian chicka rocking a shirt saying "Everyone loves an Asian Girl." I'd have to agree. *EDIT: picture found on a shoe board*

- Big ups to the RZA for sending me this link: In my countless hours of internet surfing I've never ever thought about going to this domain or even peeping it. Out of curiousity, I've also visited, and the content here reiterates the fact that we're an asexual bunch! *inserts AIM frowning smiley*

- I've divulged the origin of my first name before, but for some reason I never was curious about my last name until recently. I've always thought it was Spanish, I guess because everyone else's is. After a brief googling, I ran across this site that shows I have a pure Filipino, or Pilipino last name. Now I just need to know what "Tacorda" means. *inserts AIM thinking smiley*

- My first born is gonna be named Jordan Tacorda.

- The new Jordan IVs come out in 2.5 weeks. Although this may be my favorite model, I'm not to sure of the color scheme. I'm still gonna get them of course.

- Man its Fiesta weekend in Santa Barbara right now, and I didn't realize that until talking to someone. I've only been to Fiesta in 2001 and 2002, which were both very memorable times. *inserts AIM winking smiley*

- Where's that segue you ask? Of course Jordan's basketball camp coincides with Santa Barbara's Fiesta!

- R. Kelly made that Cassidy song "Hotel." Man I can't stop singing the hook. ("We got room keys!") If you're not around me (which most of you are), consider yourself lucky. ("We're in our throwbacks!")

- I'm gonna dwell in Hip-Hop hell after the latest compilation I've made. To save face, I won't list the tracks, but just know it's entitled my Hip-Pop mix. And that Murphy Lee is on it. Twice. Along with Kanye. *inserts AIM embarrassing smiley*

- Turns out that Kanye interview is true. Grrrrrrr.

- I hope Tiger Woods wins his next tourney. He was thisclose last week. (ok that was a tad a stretch).

Whew that wasn't so bad...Okay everyone have a splendid weekend!