Thursday, August 19, 2004

Newlyweds done ended their 3rd season last night. Or was it the 2nd? Whichever the case, its been a minute since the Bill Parcells (Tuna) incident. And I haven't talked about it much this time around. Has it lost its luster? Naw, it still has the same appeal to me. I don't know, I didn't really like the supporting cast this time around. Freakin' Casey the assistant was on EVERY episode, and she has nothing good to share. At least Drew is funny sometimes, and I can relate to the brother bonding between him and Nick. But Casey was just...there. She wasn't hot, wasn't funny, but yet almost had as much air time as the stars. Man, MTV should just throw her on that Andy Dick show. Anyways, yesterday was the season finale and perhaps the series finale, and I'll be first in line when the DVD comes out. Nick is the man, since we share similar qualities, but he may be a lil more romantic than me. Or is that because the cameras on? But yeah, he's a guy's guy, even though he was in a boy band.

Some people get famous due to their kin. Nicole Richie, Vanessa Bryant, and Osbourne not named Ozzy. I used to categorize Ashlee here, but not anymore. Guilty pleasure of the week is listening to Pieces of Me. She's sold more records than her ate! (that means big sis for you non-tagalog speakers)

The Olympics have been pretty dramatic the last few days. The best event I've seen so far has been the Australian and American showdown in the Men's swimming relay. Klete outlasted the Thorpedo to win the GOLD! Man that was a good race, as Thorpe had to make up some ground in order to catch up, and that he did. So what happens if there's a tie? Is there a swim-off? Or overtime? Didn't know swimming could be so tantalizing. And them female swimmers are mad cut, almost lookin' like dudes.

Paul Hamm is the man. Yes I was watching the Men's Gymnastics event. I used to think golfers were the greatest athletes, but gymnasts may have an argument. These cats can do some craaaaazy ish on an apparatus. And they have like 0.056% body fat, so we can relate! Back to the Hamm. So I was watching the event on tape delay, but I didn't know the result. Homeboy takes a spill on the vault. So I figured his quest for gold came to a halt. He dropped to 12th place. For the defending world champ, that was a disgrace. He got a great score on the double bars, and he found himself amongst the stars. Only the high bar was left, and he needed a 9.82. Later we found out that he never knew. He pimped it and ended with the highest score of the day, much to the Koreans dismay. (Yes this rhyming is really gay.) Controversial judges? But hey, what else is new in the Olympics. As my old professor Otis Madison used to say, and sport that requires judges isn't a sport, but merely a competition and/or exhibition.