Tuesday, August 10, 2004

I just now realized that AIM has an invisible mode option in the user interface. Here I thought that was only available to AOL users. But it doesn't matter, considering I actually like people IMing me and ish. Some heads be like "yo, this gets mad annoying when fools IM me." Sucka then why are you on?? Speaking of which, where have all my dailies gone?? Have you gone 98 Degrees on me? Invisible Man is the greatest Boy Band Song of All Time. Slightly edging out It's Gonna be Me. That song is so dope that my roommate actually bought it on vinyl, and it wasn't Nimz. Back to the AIM tip, but how do you start talking to someone whom you haven't spoken to online in years? And do you think when you see someone online like everyday, and then suddenly they're not there anymore, do you think they just blocked you? Its all good, I make sure I talk to the people I want to talk to regularly. And I haven't deleted a name from my BL since forever, so some heads have like multiple SNs on my list. Why? So my BL can look more populated? No...its just pure laziness! Plus its almost nostalgic seeing an old SN, and saying "ah, the fun conversatons I had with them." Yes like Beck, I'ma Loser, since I used to save conversations back in my day. That's one reason I liked ICQ for you OG chatters, since they kept an automatic log of ALL your dialogues. It was pretty cool. I swear I don't know people using Yahoo or MSN chats primarily, so I didn't DL that program which consolidates all the BLs. Shoot, I'm still on my first and only SN, but am open to suggestions for a secondary one.