Thursday, December 18, 2008

Fractional Asian Girls

Whether they are 1/2, 1/4 or even a 1/3 [as I recall someone claimed once], I'ma sucker for "half"-Asian chicks ["half," while technically incorrect, will be the blanket term going forward used to describe this phenomenon]. And I know I'm not the only one! I remember having an epiphany during my Asian awareness phase, which coincided while taking all those As-Am studies courses, where I used to despise Asian chicks not dating Asian men. I realized if they never would procreate, then we wouldn't have any of these heavenly hybrids! However what I still dislike is when Asian chicks only say they want to marry a white dude so they can have pretty children. That doesn't always work trick!

Anyway I haven't had a chick list in a minute, so I present to you the flyest .5chicks on the scene. FYI this list is free of video vixens, tweens, import models and adult stars, of which the latter which could be accessed on the premium ReegSpeak site.

I'ma keep it at 8 since Asians love that number and it keeps 2 spots in my top 10 open to any recommendations. So here it goes!

8. Lindsay Price, 32 [Korean/Irish] - G was watching Lipstick Jungle, and I noticed her again after all these years. I blurted out "Is that Steve Sanders ex-girlfriend?!" And it turned out I was right! She was my first halfy crush, then Donita Rose, then it was all over.

7. Amerie, 28 [Black/Korean] - Yes, the only repeat from the last list I had.

6. Kelly Hu, 40 [Hawaiian/Chinese/English] - Damn I didn't even know she was 40! If this was a 40+ list she probably would medal!

5. Vanessa Minnillo, 28 [Filipina/ Italian/Irish] - She kinda fell off, but it wasn't because of that sword battle picture she had with LiLo.

4. Moon Bloodgood, 33 [Dutch/Irish/Korean] - Koreans mix well don't they? Anyway she makes the list solely for her name. What if she married former SF Giant Joel Youngblood? She would be Moon Bloodgood-Youngblood. Totally under the radar, but keep an eye out for her.

3. Kristin Kreuk, 25 [Chinese/Dutch] - Sorry KK, but you held on to the top overall spot for the majority of this decade. It hurts to put you here, but you had your time to shine. No hard feelings K?

2. Vanessa Hudgens, 20 [Irish/Native-American/Filipino] - Yo V-Hud, let me tell you a lil secret - Zac plays from the other side! I can't front, I watched HSM2, but only because it was already on TV.

And the number 1 spot goes to…

1.Nicole Scherzinger, 30 [Filipino/Russian/Hawaiian] - There was a reason why I didn't bowl too well last Friday. It was because I was distracted by the PCD video block they were playing! But really, she tops all the lists I have - even ones she don't qualify for! Favorite basketball player? Nicole! Favorite food? Nicole! She is the most flyest. Don't Cha! [agree?]

Just missed the cut: Cassie [until she gets a lil thicker], Rachel Bilson [until she verifies her heritage] and that one chick from that one season of Real World.