Sunday, December 21, 2008

**Shakes Head**

Puts my people to shame. *shakes dome*
Puts my city to shame. *shakes brain*
Puts my passion to shame. *shakes noggin*

Damn why can't people line up be all civilized? And what's even funny is that these chicks are fighting for kicks they don't even fit. Dumb broads. I wish I could put on a pair of the shoes they're waiting in line for and give these people involved a swift roundhouse Ryu-style kick [figuratively speaking of course].

For the record, I've never ever ever lined-up overnight [or hella early in the morning] for any kicks. Shoot, the longest line I waited was when I got some Tiffany Dunks, but there were like 11 people in front of me [the store received 12 total pairs], and I waited like 15 minutes total mwahaha.

I had a revelation once. I was actually in line around 7a for the first DMP release. I looked around and said that I was too old for this, and proceeded to go home. I smacked myself and said "reeg - you're waiting in line for kicks you ALREADY have better versions of." Then reeg said "you're right" and proceeded to go back to bed haha.