Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Hidden Valley Ranch

Course: Sunol Valley Ranch, Palm Course

So about a week ago I hit up Jeff, Mike and Dennis and asked them if they wanted to play golf. Naturally I ended up in the same group as Kaho, Scott and Eric haha. But its all good, since they were behind us [way behind us sometimes lol]. Anyway we trekked out here since none of us had played here before and it was close to Luna's and Lee's houses. MosJef gets a special shout since he worked a 13 hour shift, napped for an hour, then played a round of golf. **Applause** He told himself if he would break 120, then he would reward himself with a PS3 after the round. And he shattered it with a 118 so we proceeded to Best Buy after devouring 75 wing stop wings. And I'm secretly envious of his tech setup [well except for his TV stand, which is literally a "TV" stand hahaha], but ssshhh don't tell him.

So I'm not really talking about my golf game because there's nothing really to discuss. It pretty much summarized my 2008 golf season - a couple bright points and mostly mired in mediocrity. I shot a Curtis Jackson [aka 50] in the back after a double-MJ [46] in the front. Yes I struggled to break a 100. Ouch. Oh well at least I didn't lose any balls.

We played from the tips so it was a pretty long course, clocking in over 6800 years. 230 yard par-3s are no joke! But for real, even though I flag-sticked a chip and holed another one, I wasted about 10 pitching/chipping strokes. Your sand-wedge is like your point guard - if its not on point then your team will fall apart. And that's indicative of my game.

I think next time I hit the range I'm just going to bring my sand iron [as Jack Nicklaus calls it] with me. That and I need a hybrid [gasp!] for them shots in between my 3 iron and 3 wood. Off to eBay to find a new wood!