Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Music Musings

Well Sylv just passed the baton to me, so I'm coming with my 2 pesos about the sound of music, version 2008. I thought about this for a couple weeks, since I've done annual reviews before. But this year seemed more difficult than before. I probably listened to more R&B this year than any other genre. So without further adoodoo, here we go!

Disappointment of the Year
Usher - Here I Stand. Not a good sign when the best song is the first single, and the second best song is the remix of the first single. Album had no replay value whatsoever. If there was still a Justin and Usher debate, this release should've ended it. I know it was hard to follow-up Confessions, but damn he gotta breakup with his girl or something to revive his career.

Remix of the Year
Common feat Pharrell - Punch Drunk Love Remix. Lovely upon first listen and easily outshined the original featuring Mr. West. It's just a smooth beat. Too bad its only found on the UK release of the CD, so I had to bootleg it.

R&B Song of the Year excluding Ne-Yo, John Legend & Musiq
Ray J feat Young Berg - Sexy Can I. Even though this featured rapper is wack, this song got mad play from me. Yeah so what, I'd rather listen to Ray J than watch him apparently haha.

Ne-Yo Guest Appearance of the Year
Plies feat Ne-Yo - Bust it Baby Part II. And I hate Plies! It has that Janet Jackson sample and just one of the dopest choruses of any song this year. "She got me speeding in the fast lane pedal to the floor mayn..."

Rap Single of the Year
Nas feat Keri Hilson - Hero. Damn I haven't got stoked off a Nas song upon first listen since Nas Is Like. Polow da Don channeled his inner Preemo and delivered a similar hyped track. Unfornately the album is on too much of a Black Power tip so I haven't spun it much, but probably will on MLK day.

Obligitory Musiq Soulchild Ballad of the Year
Musiq Soulchild - Someone. He basically says what he wants in someone. And its not much, just like me! Another joint I fell in love with first listen. Rol knows about this one haha.

Annoying Lil Wayne Song of the Year
Lil Wayne - Lollipop. Damn I never liked this song, and I'm not even going to link it! I never let it finish either. If its on the radio, I'd change the station. I have the Carter III on my iPod, but this has a zero times played count. Surprisingly, I listen to most of his subsequent singles though. Hmmmph.

The "Oh Yeah I Forgot they dropped an Album" Award
Gym Class Heroes - The Quilt. Well the sophomore slump was expected, especially after the caliber of their debut. They got bigger names on their joint, but I totally forgot about it. That tends to happen a lot. Cookie Jar is dope still though.

The 2007 Album that I Hella Bumped in 2008 Award
Blu & Exile - Below the Heavens. I almost predicted this based on my 2007 Year in Review. This album still gives me hope for Hip-Hop, as it was my favorite indy release in quite sometime. Which leads to...

Album that I Really need to listen To
Blu & Mainframe - Johnson & Jonson. Drake and Wale get all the hype of the next MC but I prefer to wait until someone delivers an album. I'll take Blu.

Emo Artists Who's Previous Releases were 10x Better than their 2008 Albums
3 way tie: Jack Johnson's In Between Dreams >>> Sleep Through the Static; Coldplay's X&Y >>> Viva La Vida and Death Cab for Cutie's Plans >>> Narrow Stairs. I haven't listened to FOB or AAR but I have a feeling they'll follow the same pattern.

The Happy Song of the Year
Chris Brown - Forever. I just start cheesing when I hear this! "I'ma take you there, I'ma take you there." Funny that past winners include Take you There by Blackstreet-Mya-Mase and Memory by Sugarcult.

Emo Song of the Year
The Killers - Spaceman. I liked Human right away, and I really liked Spaceman faster than that! I wasn't expecting too much from this album but its pretty dope, as it probably got the most spins out of my Q4 album purchase.

Guilty Pleasure Song of the Year
Leona Lewis - Better in Time. When my windows are down and this comes on the radio, I roll them back up and turn it louder. This song is dope and so is she.

Hip-Hop Album of the Year
Kidz in the Hall - The In Crowd. So this is my most prestigious award I can give it, but these kidz deserved it. Album was fresh beats-wise and rhymes-wise, and it solved a few "where are they now" questions [Camp Lo, Masta Ace]. Paper Trail is probably my favorite song off the album, even though I *heart* The Driving Down the Block Remix.

R&B Album of the Year
Ne-Yo - Year of the Gentleman. I don't have to say much more. Its probably his 3rd best album, but still good enough to win this. Kind of like Jordan winning the MVP after a so-so year. Did I just compared Ne-Yo to MJ? Man I must be on something haha.

Damn I'm sleepy. I'll try to link some more songs later and maybe have another supplement list. Go Taft your turn!