Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Music Musings, Part II

I like how artists just had part IIs rather than a remix, hence the inspiration for my blog title. Anyway I did my post last night half-asleep [wait, is that a pessimistic term? I should've said half-awake] so upon hitting the "post" button and reading RB's, SB's, and TB's list [darn, i'm the only non-B surnamed] I have a few more awards to hand out:

The Chris Isaak Award [meaning you only watch the video because there's a dime in it and don't sweat it if it comes on the radio, word to Wicked Game]

Kardinal Offishall feat Akon - Dangerous. That chick gets the nod for Video Vixen of the Year, but I'm sure King Mag already bestowed that honor to her.

The "When Did That Drop?" Album of the Year
The Large Professor - Main Source. Had this been 10 years ago, I would've been all over this. But I only realized it released last month upon scouring Best of 2008 lists. While his last release was underwhelming, Extra P always has a spot in my hip-hop heart. I'll cop it soon.

The "When I rejoin Columbia House I'll Cop" Album of the Year
Keane - Perfect Symmetry. Only because that's how I obtained their last albums haha. But no joke Hopes & Fears is probably my fav Emo album ever.

Unreleased Song of the Year
Ne-Yo - Together. So I did sone research on this one, and I concluded it is him on the track and Stargate did the music. I have no idea why it wasn't on YOTG, since it gets play than any other song on there, except maybe for So You Can Cry.

The Autotune Song of the Year
Young Jeezy feat Kanye West - Put On. This was the song that gave me false hope for Kanye's joint, but alas I wasn't feeling 808's too much. Anyway this song still gets the spins from me.

The Redundancy Award Imeem over Pandora all day for me! And I have a pretty diverse selection of artists, but they seem to play the same 5 songs from any given artist.

The Breakup Song of the Year
Murs - Break Up [The OJ Song]. I was surprised to see him all over MTV and I've only heard this jawn on the radio, but its pretty dope. Past winners include Burn by User and Take a Bow by Rihanna [that was '07 yeah? don't know if it was on the original release, the re-release, or the re-re-release lol]. Anyway this award leads to...

The Stripper Song of the Year
Dream - I Love Your Girl. You get to the club, scour the chicks then identify the one who's tuition payments you want to support. And you know someone's gotta be doing the pipework here, and it's not you. Oh well at least you got a dance.

Freestyle of the Year
Fabolous - Brooklyn [We Go Hard]. Okay I'll admit that I don't listen to too many freestyles, but I've always liked Fab's peripheral releases [mixtapes, freestyles] moreso than his actual albums. This didn't disappoint, but calling it a 'freestyle' is probably a misnomer.

Comeback of the Year
Journey! And it's only because of their new Filipino lead singer hahaha. I really do wish I went to their concert a few months ago. I think Wal-Mart sold the remakes of their old songs exclusively with that dude with the lead vocals. And you probably thought I was gonna say NKOTB!