Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Glaring Ommission Alert!

I totally forgot to include someone in my fractional Asian Chick list. She was the whole point of me blogging about that! Well at least there's a precendent for this, as I left out Manny in my Man-Crush list too haha. Honestly, it might be better this way, as she has a whole post dedicated to her.

So basically bump everyone from Moon on down a spot, then insert the lovely Olivia Munn as the Copper Medalist Hybrid Hottie. To be honest I never seen her show on G4, but she's regularly featured in Complex Mag.

4. Olivia Munn, 26 [Chinese/White]
source: eurasiannation.com

Oh yeah I was surfing NT last night [shocking eh?] and came across the trailer for KK's StreetFighter II Chun-li-something trailer. Since its her birthday today and all I'll post it. And even though it looks like one of the worst adaptions ever, I still might watch it! Haven't seen KK on the Silver Screen since Euro Trip or something. Remember that song "Scotty Doesn't Know?" Or that's probably only me.