Tuesday, December 23, 2008

To You Joe

Me adding you on my blog list is like Oprah name dropping something on her show. Haha just playing. But this is like an old welcome, since you've been blogging since '04. Well duh, he's still using Xanga. And he's probably on AsianAvenue too while DL'ing music from Napster than he found on Lycos while browsing in a Netscape browser on his AOL connection. Remember when you thought I was all about my Asian awareness because I was defending Tiger Woods in teh screening of The Golf War: A Story of Land, Golf & Revolution in the Philippines? Here's the backdrop: basically golf developers were clearing out land where people lived in the PI blah blah and she pinned blame on pro golfers, and I just argued that the situation was much greater than that. Little did you know I was just frontin'. I didn't like the film-maker at all, and not just because she went to Duke.

I dunno, I guess I just don't like it when pute folks think they know what's best for minorities. And that Stuff White People like dude seems to agree with me.

Anyway peep Joe's blog on the blogroll. He even did that survey. And thanks for the plug!