Monday, December 22, 2008

Damn 40 More Questions to Answer

Doing back to back surveys actually has a precedent on these pages. See, I referenced it here. Anyway here we go again! This time jacked from Rolsuno:

1. Do you pee in the shower?
Yes, even while brushing my teeth while rinsing the shampoo out of my 'do. Multitasking FTW!

2. When taking a shit after wiping do you look at the toilet paper?
No, I just take a leap of faith. JK. But for real, how do blind people know when they're really done wiping?

3. How old are you?
Double Baker's Dozen Plus a Triple.

4. Do you blog?
I thought it was obvious.

5. If so whats your blog site?
peep the URL.

6. How old were you when you first had sex?
Like with a girl?

7. F*&king or making love?
All of the above.

8. Sneakers or Pumps?
I'ma addict for sneakers.

9. Whats your favorite Color?
Color Me Bad.

10. Whats your favorite Sports Franchise?
Golden State, even though I could run the team better.

11. Left side or right side?
Southpaw represent.

12. Home cooked meals or outside dining?
Outside dining, since you won't have dishes to do.

13. What do you want for xmas?
"All I want for Christmas, Christmas is my girllll" - One of my fav New Edition songs ever

14. do you believe in the saying, "its the thought that counts?"

15. Do you masterbate? and how many times a week?
Affirmative. Depends on the frequency...I try not to on Sunday, since that's the Sabbath and all.

16. Whats your favorite porn site?
Craiglist's Casual Encounters section. And Niketalk's General Forum.

17. Whats your fantasy?
Probably in the Georgia Dome on the 50 yard line.

18. Do you lust, love, have a crush on someone at this moment?
Sure, yes and maybe. Maybe they're all different people too!

19. Favorite Rap song of all time?
It rotates among these 25 songs.

20. running or walking?
Runnin', word to Pharcyde.

21. ice cream or cake?
I scream.

22. Bitch or slut? which name would you rather be called?
I prefer the term broad.

23. Do you have a fetish? if so what is it?
Hmmm...if I think about it, probably an earlobe one.

24. Missionary or doggy?
My fams reads this!

25. Shaved or Hairy?
This is a very vague question and can be interpreted in a number of ways. I can say I have hairy legs rather than shaved ones. However if you're discussing the female genitalia area, and based on the other questions here, I think you are. So who would choose hairy and therefore increase your chances of getting pubic lice?? Like Neanderthal-like? But shaved is kinda I don't know. You gotta play golf on some sort of grass.

26. Hoodies or Jackets?
Depends on the occasion, but I like to rock both with equal aplomb [<-- FYI one of my fav words]

27. Giver or taker?
Tis better to give than to receive.

28. Is weed a drug?
Affirmative, otherwise how would people with stinky urine fail drug tests administered?

29. Favorite movie you seen this year?
Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Review here.

30. Do you believe in ghosts?
Hell yeah! And not just because of Patrick Swayze.

31. How was your 08'?
In one word - tumultuous.

32. If a guy who is your man crush? if your a woman who is your woman crush?
I like how Rol picked questions that anyone who reads any of our blogs already have the answer too. But currently its Steven Colbert. Not!

33. would you have sex with your man or woman crush?

34. Do you know what sissor action is?
Maybe Rol should hit delete, so you can backspace and spell scissor properly haha. For real you even spelled masturbate wrongly! And yes of course, and I didn't have to urbandictionary it.

35. Iron or throw it in the dryer?
Huh? Isn't the process to remove from the dryer and proceed to iron?

36. Facebook or Myspace?

37. If you were about to die what would be your last meal?
Probably something with Omega 3 Fatty Acids, since that would increase your lifes expectancy. Duh.

38. Do you floss?
Yes, in both senses of the word.

39. Do you rock butt floss?
All the questions you can ask and you ask this one?

40. Did you even read this survey?
Is this a trick question?