Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Shopping Lunch Bags

Ain't it funny when you open your floor's fridge or whatever, and see all these premium stores used as lunch bags? Like I just saw some beat up Saks 5th Avenue bag, and I'm unsure who it belongs to. C'mon, you probably just bought one thing there, but you're gonna floss by using their shopping bag as your lunch tote? And not to long ago I saw a Neiman Marcus bag in there. I can't hate on the Lululemon bags I see because them ones are mad durable!

But I can't front, the reason I brought this up is because I packed my lunch today. Amid all the Target and Marshalls plastic bags, I tried to find one that was compact, paper and semi-stuntastic. Luckily I found a Lacoste one, which was reasonable haha.

Anyway my work fridge is starting to look like a damn home refrigerator. I saw a loaf of bread in there, a carton of eggs and a half-gallon of juice with someone's name all attached to it. Isn't there etiquette to what portion of the fridge you should occupy? I also saw a freakin' banana - who refrigerates those?! Anyway when the day comes if I ever get my own office, best believe the first thing I'm gonna get for it is one of those mini-fridges, like we used to have in the dorms. Ahhh one day.