Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pacman Knows

Back in the day one of my favorite shirts I owned was a fluorescent BO KNOWS shirt, remember that? I matched the bright orange with some Local Motion orange shorts that I vividly recall rockin' on that Caribbean cruise I took with Nate and Wesley haha. Anyway Bo was a people's athlete, and no one at Nike since really had that distinction. Tiger and Michael and to an extent Lebron have that aura that they are above you, when it reality they just have a bigger bank account and are at the top of their craft.

But Pacman, that's another story. He is the People's Champ indeed. He represents his people, both Fil-Ams and natives, like no other Pinoy B-boy has ever had. Pound for pound, he's the baddest in the game. Pacman knows. And this is a fresh shirt.