Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Top 5 Burrito Spots - Burp

Aight here it is - Reeg's Top 5 Burrito spots in the city. I feel like I'ma Burrito connoisseur. Shoot, I just had a Carnitas one for lunch today. As Rol would also say, this is my go to food when I can't think of anything else to eat. Comfort food just doesn't have to be from the South! So starting in reverse order:

5. La Morena - Yeah, how much credibility can this list have if the first place listed is in South City? At least the area is surrounded by Mexicans, making the place legit. But its my blog, my rules, and thus it makes the list. They probably make my favorite Al Pastor ever.

4. Pancho Villa Taqueria - Yikes, at least this place has a city locale in addition to the original spot in San Mateo. They have a grander menu and their churros are on point, well more than **insert amusement park**, Costco, and that dude on the corner slanging lukewarm ones.

3. Gordo's - Gordo's is that spot, I'm sure you Richmond/Sunset/Parkside people will admit. Their burritos are dense and girthy [pause], but I guess that's what happens when your order has a "super" prefix in front of it. Plus I never usually order Quesedillas but wouldn't hesitate here.

2. Papalote's - Okay this isn't a surprise if you read my previous entry. I know no authentic taqueria's should have tofu as an option or have wheat tortillas, but I'll make an exception. Order a Carne Asada and they'll cook it on the spot, so you have to wait a lil longer but it's well worth it. And their house Orange House Salsa puree is mad official. I could eat tortilla chips and wash it down with that stuff.

1. La Taqueria - Okay, despite many Best Burrito of the City accolades, this is my fav joint. On half days back at MIssion Dolores, dad would swoop us up and pick up burritos here for lunch. So I always will have a soft spot for it. Shoot even nowadays I'll take PT down there during slow times at work and enjoy a tasty one! Think about it - its the OG Taqueria that it doesn't even need a second name - its simply La Taqueria.

There you have it. If I missed any, then maybe they're ranked 6th through 10th haha.