Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Golf Is My Medicine

Course: Chuck Corica Golf Complex, Jack Clark Course

So I was reeeeaaallyy sick a couple Fridays ago, and to feel better I ventured out to Alameda to play a round of golf with MosJef. Plus since it was a belated birthday gift I wanted to play on a weekday so I could save some loot hahaha. Anyway a couple weeks prior to this round, I felt a part of me missing. It turns out it was my golf bag, since Arvin borrowed my sticks as he's looking to get some Mizuno's too. So I got my clubs back, all clean and all, so everything should've been back to normal. I actually bought a new sand wedge to complement my 'zuno's and haven't even used it at the range, so I was pretty excited to play.

I like Chuck Corica since if its not busy they'll let you go out in twosomes, which is what happened that day. You could shag balls if you want, just be on the lookout for the Marshall. So on the first hole, I pierced a drive down the middle. Only thing is the middle of the fairway contained a sloped bunker! Anyway the 1st Hole pretty much dictates your round, and I double-bogeyed it eeek. The ensuing holes weren't much better, as my score ballooned and I didn't have a par or better in the front 9! Meanwhile MosJef was competitive in his time to shine, and he was playing solid golf, even birdieing a hole. Back 9 started out similarly to the front, and after 13 holes I find myself trailing him. WTF?? I can confidently say I'm undefeated against all the 3rd Floor peeps since 1996, and I've never collected a penny on all the monetary bets we've had.

Realizing I might lose, I was thinking of excuses [I was sick remember, well its his b-day, bro cursed clubs, etc]. However I just turned on the Eldrick Juice and finished bogey-par-bogey-birdie-par. I finally knocked in a birdie putt on 17 and had another snake on 18, pulling out the pin for a crazy save. My last two holed putts covered like 75 feet, so I was even impressed with myself. Breaking it down, I was +23 over 13 holes and +1 over 5 hahaha. My 95 beat his 98, but congrats to him for breaking 100 for the 1st time! I thought I wasn't even gon break the Century Club that day whew.

Since I was victorious, I enjoyed a burrito with Rol at Papalote's afterward, which is probably the 2nd best burrito spot in the Sucka Free.

Hopefully I'll have at least 2 rounds left in me for December!