Monday, November 24, 2008

One Crabby Saturday

So on Saturday Anthony [sous-sous chef] and myself [head chef] cooked for Steph and G, doing you know, that crap older people do, liking hosting dinners and stuff. Anyway initially it was a competition since they cooked for us a couple weeks ago, but really there wasn't a competition and I think they would admit that haha. I'm glad they came too since that kick-started me cleaning my condo.

The menu was as follows:

Lori's Brie and Apple Appetizers
Green Beans & Oyster Sauce
Dungeness Garlic Crab Butter Noodles
Oven-Roasted Dungeness Crab
Tiramisu Affogato

Jamie Cullum - twentysomething

Lastly there was White Wine for the girls while Any and me had San Mig Lights haha.

I was responsible for the noodles and crab and ambiance while Ant handled the appetizer, veggie and dessert. And I'm usually a humble dude but our dinner was on point. Granted there was some initial issues [thinking that Pacific Sales was a grocery store when in actuality it is an appliance store lol, not knowing how to get to Ranch 99 in Rich-town, finding the Mirin, almost mincing my finger while mincing the garlic, etc]. Yeah, I honestly felt like we were in the kitchen stadium on The Iron Chef, since we wanted to get everything done in an hour. [Whereas the girls took 2 hours to make chicken hahaaha].

First I had to steam the crabs, and its pretty fun dealing with live crabs. They get all active tryna escape the pot but then they quickly perish. Sad but we gotta preserve the food chain. Then as I was making this sauce I had to preheat my oven to 500 degrees, and no joke I didn't even know it could get that high. Ish was mad hot though when we had to open it. The noodle dish was proper, but next time I wanna use thicker noodles. We saw some dude at the grocery store, and we were all loud looking for a specific type of egg noodle. Then he chimes in "oh like the ones at Thanh Long?" and we're like "yeah!" So we jacked his noodles since he was making the same thing! But really, those dishes weren't similar at all haha.

Oh yeah, 3 of the four crabs were fully limbed, but one crab had his whole left side amputated. However his one claw was gigantic, like the size of a lobster. I wonder if he grew up like that, and his arm got bigger since he just had to rely on that? Hmmm.

Afterwards we were mad stuffed and my place probably still smells like garlic lol. But it definitely helped my cooking swagger in preparation of the sides we need to prepare for this upcoming holiday. So if anyone else wants to battle, me and Ant will take you on!*

* except for Tiff L