Monday, December 01, 2008

Parallel Lives

I knew it was possible, but it didn't really hit me until it actually happened. I'm not too fond of hybrids, but this is pretty cool. And all thanks goes out to tiffanyblue since she provided me with the necessary software. On that note, I tried to reinstall my CPA software and my ish expired! I spent all that loot on software, then it expired on me. That is probably the biggest L I took in 2008. [Oh wait, let me check my property value...and my 401K...and my ROTH...oh nevermind.] But I still have the relevant textbooks and flashcards, so I'm thinking of going old school [meaning circa 1999] and just study off of that. The 2009 test should have like 90% of the pertinent stuff in the 2007 books anyway haha.

Anyways give me a late pass, but Windows on a Mac is a trip. And no, this is definitely not a photoshopped pic: