Tuesday, December 02, 2008

My Annual Christmas Wish List for 2008

Granted I know I won't get all of this stuff, but they all would make for excellent stocking stuffers. In no real order:

What is it: Kenwood DNX7120 Navigation Receiver
Where to Buy: Crutchfield
How Much: $1300
Why I want it: I really dislike using an iPod transmitter to play my tunes. And if I upgrade the deck might as well go all out yeah?
Why I don't: It might attract potential theft. Plus its hard to watch movies and drive simultaneously.

What is it: Nikon D-80
Where to Buy: eBay
How Much: $800?
Why I want it: Well duh, its the shooting tool of the uglystick. Plus if I get a D-SLR, it'll force me to go to new places.
Why I don't: I don't like carrying around a point-n-shoot, let alone a bulky one.

What is it: Nike Air Max 90 Clerk Pack
Where to Buy: eBay
How Much: $200-$250
Why I want it: Since I've given up on obtaining some Bacons, and for some reason I want some pinkish 90s, these are next in line.
Why I don't: Pink-based sneaks for over 2 bills?! Are you effin' crazy?!

What is it: Apple iPhone
Where to Buy: The Apple Store
How Much: too much once you factor in monthly fees
Why I want it: My Apple transformation is almost complete, as I just need an iPhone to validate it.
Why I don't: I never did like having the most ubiquitous phone on the market, but this seems to be an exception. And my contract isn't up til Mar-09.

What is it: Custom Cufflinks R & T
Where to Buy: Cufflinks.com
How Much: $50
Why I want it: I have one set of links I always wear, and I'm pretty tired off them.
Why I don't: I wouldn't know if it should read "RT" from my perspective or facing me?

What is it: Manny Pacquiao Signed Glove
Where to Buy: eBay
How Much: $300
Why I want it: It would be one cool piece of sports memorabilia to have. Right next to my Stephon Marbury signed ball.
Why I don't: If you think about it, it's pretty wack to buy signed memorabilia. Regarding the aforementioned ball, I did meet Steph back in 1996 and he did sign it for me.

What is it: Scotty Cameron Newport 2 Putter
Where to Buy: eBay
How Much: $250
Why I want it: If I can't play like Tiger Woods, at least I could use his putter.
Why I don't: If I can't play like Tiger Woods, I might as well stick to the flat-stick already in the bag.

What is it: Sunroof Wind Deflector
Where to Buy: WeatherTech
How Much: $60
Why I want it: I need something other than color to differentiate Black Starr!
Why I don't: I might not like it after a month or so. I'm fickle like that.

So these were the first things that came to mind. I don't really expect any of it unless I buy it, word to my 2007 Wish List haha. [ed's note: whoa ~ 75% of that list was obtained! whatever reeg wants, reeg gets.] But who knows, maybe one day I'll end up having some of it.

Happy shopping yall!