Monday, December 08, 2008

Another CoaSH edition, volume VI

Let me preface this by saying that I haven't bought a pair of Jordans since 2006. Decemeber 2006, but still 2006. So that is almost 2 full years. Essentially every Jordan I wanted was part of a pack, and I refused to purchase a 2-pack of shoes when I had no desire for the second pair. The only article of clothing that should be bought in packs are undergarments! Plus these packs retail for $310 so that is just rediculous. I don't know where these kids can afford to wait in line and drop over 3 bills on a pack of kicks. Wait. I did that before [albeit once] but that was in a healthy economy lol.

Let me pre-preface this again by saying back in 2004 [or maybe 2005], I entered my sister in the first ever Sole Collector shoe exhibition, held at NTSF. She won an award for Rarest Jordan, which was a pair of original Carmine Air Jordan VIs. I made a mental note to myself that if I get the chance to cop I would.

Fast forward to 2008, and of course the Carmines are being retroed. However they are part of a pack, and no one wants the XVII's that they are paired with. So its a semi-easy pass. With kicks you win some, you lose some, and I was just gonna chalk the L. Last week eBay forwards me a coupon for 40% a single purchase [10% instant and 30% rebate] and I see a seller with just the Carmines, B-grades though. He got a few pairs, but for some reason he has different prices ranging from $200-$250, luckily with my 10.5s on the low-end. And free shipping. So I thought about it for roughly .003 milli-seconds before hitting the buy-it-now button.

So I received them this weekend and did my usually inspection...they're listed as B-grades but they're more like B+grades. Manolo's Mano-no's I can't tell. [they're definitely authentic though.] $120 is not a steal but it's definitely a deal, and most definitely better than the $310+tax on release day. So woo-hoo, another pair of kicks!

So you didn't think I would sell 50 pairs without getting one back would you? Sneakerheads don't retire, we just slow down.