Friday, December 05, 2008

Few-dee? More like A Lot-dee!

Where: Cleo's Brazillian Steakhouse
When: December 4, 2008
Who: Tiff, Amy, G, Rach, Trish, Dennis, Jeff K, Amelyn, Ed, Victor +2, Mike, Nick, Ant & Reeg
What:Brazillian Buffet
How Much: $29

Ah yes, you know the year is winding down with the year-end foodie arrives. In '06 we had Morton's, and I think it was like $75 a person. Last year we went to Asbestos [okay its really called Espetus] and that was aorund $50. And this year it was under $30 haha. At this rate, we might have to go to Costco's food court for the '09 edition.

Anyway I was just glad this place was open, considering we tried going during a Friday night a couple months back. It was pretty good though, relative for price. Except that they charged $3 for soda! That is more than Boulevard charges for real. So best believe I got like 4 refills of my Diet Coke hehe.

Dishes served on spears [no Britney]: Steak, Beef, Meat, Lamb, Spiced Sausage, more Meat, Chicken Wings, Bacon-wrapped Chicken, Beef Hearts and paprika/cinnamon flavored Pineapple. Burp. I didn't really mess with the other food on the buffet line except for the rice, since all Asians need that white stuff to complement the meat.

I'm usually not an instant deucer. But I went as soon as I made it to a toilet. That is a good sign believe it or not. I really liked it, especially since I prepped myself for like 24 hours. Almost like how boxers put on the pounds after the final weigh-in. I didn't eat dinner the night before, skipped out on breakfast, and had a JITB 2 taco lunch [shoot is it $1.49 everywhere now?]. I was ready, set match for whatever they were willing to bring out. I strategically sat closest to when the meat first came out [well, Tiff was closest, but she deserved that spot.]

Stuff I learned last night: Amy went to Brazil in '04 [but probably not to Mike's Apartment]; a Nike Nazi rocks a Swooshtika; the hierarchy of a trim dude from first to worst is: svelte, slim, slender, skinny, scrawny, skin and bones, skinny as sh!t [word to Ant in grade school]; this Alpha Pan battle will last forever, but they should both bow down to Peter; and Dennis is the man for solving one-side of a Rubix cube.

Okay I have over a month to think about my choice...hmmmmmm.