Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Regan and Himself Go To Best-O Burger

So obviously we don't have a White Castle in Northern Cali [them frozen ones they sell at grocery stores don't count]. My coworker told me about this place nearby work that sold sliders. And I was like for real, I gotta peep this. I ventured up Kearny and swung a right on Pine, and I could smell the patties being fried as I was approaching the establishment. They're menu was pretty limited, as I believe they're going after the In-N-Out approach for simplicity. So then I just decided to order the 2 slider with fries and frings bag for like $6.

First the good: the patties were like 10x the width of White Castle…shoot it shouldn't even be a comparison. The frings were good too. Oh yeah and they have a gelato selection. Then that's about it! So homie asked me if I wanted lettuce and tomato on them, and I was like sure. Didn't know that cost an extra 25 cents for each! Ordering the combo meal didn't save me one penny - I hate when they do that! The bread was decent, but got soggy from all the grease. And the biggest crime was using their thousand island dressing on it - ew. Loyal readers know how much I don't like that sauce on my burger [well actually you don't have to be loyal, you could've just read last week]. Oh yeah the fries were overfried too, which I generally like, but not if they have a pretzel-like crunch.

So I'll probably only go back to sample the gelato, even though they too have a secret menu. Its kinda wack though when they advertise their secret menu on their website. Lame!