Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'ma Jack Rol's Steez For a Sec...

Everyone loves to link up ballers and rappers to see similarities, especially Rol lately haha. How come only brothas are being used? Well obviously, since they dominate both groups, but I'ma do reverse affirmative action. Here's one we've always talked about but now its time for the pictures:


Just look at the facial hair, nose, ears...its all there.

And Yes, Dennis is a rapper, as I have 2 of his CDs! This whole time I thought I was the dopest spitter reppin' SI Class of '97, but I'll bow down to him. Diverse Curse in the house for real [and thanks for the shout out on that one song.] And if you haven't seen him in action yet, go watch Contour. And Marco is a baller technically, since he gets NBA paychecks haha.

And how come I see Marco more often than Dennis??