Thursday, November 13, 2008

Andele Andele Mami, E.I., E.I., E&Ohhhhh!

So last night I had a pseudo happy hour [started at 7:30p] and a pseudo dinner [just appetizers really] with my old manager FM and my cool auditor [yeah I know, oxymoron] AS, who is battling for Tiff’s current title of FCG. Usually clients shouldn’t mix with their audit team so ssshhh don’t tell! Anyway we went to E&O, and I’ve been here countless times for work-related functions, so it was kinda weird when we had to pay for the bill out-of-pocket! AS probably just billed it back to us anyway…have you seen their invoices for engagement fees?! But anyway, the food we ordered was pretty tasty: chicken satay, duck rolls and corn fritters, while being washed down by a couple Stellas. AS and I were both drinking that, so I’m thinking I need to man up and drink something darker? I didn’t want a piece of FM’s Guiness though, since there was no Bailey’s to be found.

FM was telling me the story about my hiring process…pretty much I was their 2nd choice and was only hired because their 1st choice took another offer! The ego was momentarily bruised, but luckily I’m a quick healer [think Superman right when the Kryptonite disappears]. Last time we got together if was for like a 45 min lunch, but before you know it 3 hours elapsed and it was already 10:30p and I had to trek back to Villa Emery, which would mean I need to get off at MacArthur around 11ish haha.

I ain’t soft, but I really didn’t want to wait on MacArthur Blvd 30 minutes for my bus to come, since the Shuttle service ends at 10p. Last time I did that some crackhead looking chick asked me if I wanted a ride home lol. I actually contemplated jumping in the car to see if she would actually bring me, but using better judgment I passed. And I hate taking taxis, but that seemed to be the best alternative last night, so spending the extra 10 bones was worth it for peace of mind and a savings of time.