Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Got 99 Problems...

But blogging ain't one!

1. Doubtful about a raise or bonus for 2009, when I had decent ones in prior years.
2. I feel like the antithesis of Big's "Mo Money Mo Problems"
3. Only roughly 28 years left on my mortgage.
4. HOA fees kick in during Q2'09.
5. I have a car note after not having one for like 4 years.
6. I still have school loans to pay.
7. My wallet is worth more than the money that's in it.
8. I took a peek at my retirement accounts.
9. I cashed out all my change, so the clang is louder when I throw it in the bucket.
10. My financial advisor disowned me.

11. I'm in the financial services industry.
12. Our company posted 11 consecutive months in the red.
13. I realize I need to get certified to get to the next level.
14. I sit right outside the Corporate Controller's office, and he calls my got damn name too much.
15. Our stock today has reached a 52 week low, and for the record, an all-time low.
16. I'm the most tenured in my department.
17. I feel guilty requesting for time off.
18. I've never taken a full-week off since I've started here.
19. I feel like I do other people's work in my department.
20. Sometimes work feels like groundhog day.

21. About half of my threads don’t fit me right.
22. Don't know what I should do with my 'do.
23. I have more man-crushes than woman-crushes.
24. I'm cranky pants when I don't have my morning coffee.
25. I think I want to get a colonic.
26. I want a dog, but can't even take care of an e-pet [RIP Flappie].
27. I have my wisdom teeth still, but am scared to get them extracted.
28. Debating whether or not to let go of Sen-dog.
29. I don't remember the last time my whole immediate fam has been in the same city.
30. About 18 months of personal statements need to be recorded and filed away.

31. I have Lebron in one of my leagues, and I'm closer to last than first.
32. The Warriors have a losing record.
33. The Niners have a losing record.
34. I haven't shot at a hoop since our last playoff b-ball game.
35. I shot over a 95 last time I played golf.
36. I bought football cleats but we haven't played a new season.
37. I have a mediocre fantasy football squad too.
38. My golf game peaked when I was 17.
39. If Tech makes the NIT I think that would be a successful season.
40. I got fast hands but slow feet, word to Chris Mullin.

41. My MacBook Pro thus far is a glorified Internet surfing tool.
42. I have a Smartphone, but am on a Stupidplan.
43. I still got that dumb light on my truck. Lights out please.
44. I got a lil ESPN ghostmark on my Plasma.
45. My wireless speakers aren't working properly.
46. I pay hella for cable, but don't even get the channels I want [NBATV, HBO, Spice]
47. I need PC access to download my CPA software.
48. My web projects and ideas haven't taken off.
49. My blog needs a facelift.
50. Ayyyyo, I'm tired of all this technology.

51. I haven't got a physical since I can remember.
52. My back is crooked and balky, word to that dude from Perfect Strangers.
53. I have a gym membership that I pay for but don't utilize.
54. I go to Run Club only because it’s a precursor to Breakfast Club
55. I haven't rode my bike [well, Arvin's] in a minute.
56. I'm not following my perfect pushup schedule.
57. I never stretch really before anything.
58. I play golf riding a cart when I see 80 year olds walking the course.
59. My eating habits lately have been horrible.
60. My fingers and left wrist are the body parts that get worked out the most.

61. Not sure when our winter Tahoe trip is gonna happen.
62. The homie Roland is moving to Sac.
63. I talk to some people more via technology than in person.
64. Some of them aren't blogging as much as before.
65. Some of them just are Swayze [ie. Ghost].
66. I don't live in the same vicinity as some of them.
67. Sometimes I feel some of my friendships aren't met halfway.
68. Friends shouldn't just be friends because of history, word to Kelly and Brenda.
69. I can't and shouldn't have to choose between friends.
70. Sometimes I feel that I can't count on some of them.

The Crib
71. I can't maintain a clean place when I only have 750 square feet.
72. You could probably remove half the crap in my condo and I wouldn't miss it.
73. I have a couple bins in my folks garage in their big house, and they want me to get rid of it.
74. I have a couple power outlets that aren't operating in my kitchen.
75. I still haven't filled out the paperwork to get my property tax adjustment.
76. Sometimes I feel workers still have keys to my crib.
77. I don't get enough natural light in my unit.
78. My plants are dying even though I water them weekly.
79. My sofa and granite counters are dust magnets.
80. I'm not really done furnishing, and I've been there for over 18 months.

81. I'm tired of all my Pandora stations.
82. I want to go to that Killers/Death Cab concert, but its sold out and I don't like paying above retail.
83. Hip-hop, why have you forsaken me?
84. My whip only is a single disc changer, for now.
85. I still buy CD's.
86. I don't know where my New Edition "Under the Blue Moon" CD is.
87. I have vivid flashbacks of that Musiq concert still.
88. My iPod is full, but think anything over 30GB would be too much scrolling.
89. I don't seem to dig deep enough for good music.
90. I have high hopes for Kanye's album.

91. I have about 50 other non-kicks I haven't yet listed on eBay.
92. I'm struggling to come up with 8 more problems.
93. I'm superstitious.
94. Sometimes people close to me annoy me for no apparent reason.
95. I'm addicted to Diet Coke and Coke Zero.
96. I have a dinner to plan with Ant on Saturday but we haven't started discussing it.
97. I spend a lil too much time on Facebook.
98. I lack motivation right now…you gotta get up, get out, get something.
99. Sometimes I front like its all good, but sometimes its not really.

Whew. But on the real, I love life and all its issues and problems. And I guess if these comprise the bulk of my troubles then it mustn't be too bad. I even do 55 in a 54, but don't have to worry about stepping out the car. Its all part of the ride!