Wednesday, November 19, 2008

9-0-2-1 Uh Oh!

I knew there was a reason I kept watching this show. I sometimes have problems living in the past. Why do you think I have so many retro kicks? Why was the my last playlist created called Mission Dolores R&B Ish? [FYI first song I put on there was Troop's Spread My Wings]. So naturally I'ma be drawn into 90210. Anyway after watching the Dubs slip by the Sportscoats, errr, Blazers [haha!], I quickly launched my DVR to put on the latest episode. [note to self: write about hoops soon to maintain some man-cred].

And guess who makes a cameo?! None other than Nubian Princess Number One LL, the one and only Nu-Nu aka Lauren London. She is to Regan as TI is to G, to use an SAT analogy. Hmmm…no wonder we were both quiet when we were watching ATL during their love scenes! Its all making sense now. But anyway, I was wondering where L-Boogie 2K went after messing with Turtle in that one Entourage episode, and apparently she just enrolled in West Bev high. Good thing she peaced out, since that would've been statutory for the Turtle and he wouldn't be in this position messing with the Sopranos first daughter Jamie-Lynn.

But yeah, she plays a cheerleader, so I'm expecting a Gabrielle Union routine from Bring It On or something. I thought it was just a one-time cameo, but I IMDB'ed her and found out it’s a recurring role woohoo. Unfortunately the show is on hiatus [hi haters!] and won't come back until after the new year. So the anticipation builds up.

Another bonus: the last song played on the show was Death Cab's I Will Follow You Into the Dark, which made me think if I should at least try to obtain tickets for their upcoming show?? Hmmph. Man one day I'ma stop watching CW shows, but at least I honestly can say I don't follow Gossip Girls and Priviledged lol.