Thursday, December 04, 2008


And I thought last week's double dose of The Killers and Kanye was a treat! Look what next week's releases bring forth. The last time I remember 3 legit records dropping the same day was back on September 29, 1998 when my roommates and I went to MorningGlory Music in SB, and I got Jay-Z's Vol 2 Hard Knock Life, Norm picked up ATCQ's Love Movement and Eric swooped Outkast's Aquemini. Which was really ironic, since all of those respective artists are right up our respective allies.

Which reminds me of another story. My theme song for us was "City Town to the LBC", by JT The Bigga Figga featuring The Gov and Young Swoop. I was JT, since I repped the City of SF, Eric was The Gov, since he repped the 'Town [even though he is Oakland Hills] and Norm was Young Swoop, being from Long Beach and all. It was like the perfect song tailored for us! Of course I never told them this haha, but I think of them every time I hear that song.

Okay back to 2008...I thought this was gonna be a down year for music releases but it looks to finish strong. Keep CD's alive!

I heard 'Punch Drunk Love' and that was fresh. With the exception of The Electric Circus, he always comes through for me. I expect yet another love-rap album.

Peep the credits. Premier. Pharrell. Cool Kids. Ali Shaheed Muhammad. ?Love. Mary J. I'm mad that I didn't know about this earlier!

I don't care how wack his show was, Musiq has at least 2 bangers on all his joints. And besides his first single, I remember a new ballad he sang during that horrendous performance that sounded decent.

I think its time for me to host another iPoddy!