Thursday, December 04, 2008

If They Had That Feature Then I'd Keep Them

So I took a lil hiatus from selling stuff on eBay, but then I realized I have a couple Burton snowboarding pants to get rid of. I was gonna keep a pair, but then I realized I wanted something funkier than solid black. Anyway, ever trip of how come a "pair of pants" is called that, when there is only one? It can't be because of the 2 legs, since shirts also are designed for multiple limbs. A "pair of scissors" too...hmmmm, I really wonder how this stuff came about!

Oh yeah, my bad for that tangent. As I have a pair currently on eBay, I received this question from a Norwegian:

Dear reegsta,

hi! i have two questions for you? how much do you take for shipping to norway? an does the pants have a microfiber buttwarmer?

- siljesjo

Hahaha I wish all my pants had microfiber buttwarmers. They would even be better if they were wicker-proof, kinda like premium athletic socks. Wouldn't that solve the swamp-a$$ problem some people have? But for real, I listed all the features of the pants and that wasn't one of them, so I don't know how common microfiber buttwarmers are. But best believe my next pair of snowboarding pants will have that!