Friday, December 05, 2008

The Daily Dime

And you probably expected a hot chick huh? Nope, just 10 thoughts currently occupying between my ears:

- Is it Just me or do more people say 'ping me' instead of 'call me' or 'text me' or just 'hit me up'? Hmmm…usually when I hear 'ping' I think of golf clubs, or tryna find a live IP address in an MS-DOS window.

- How come I feel all my sizes aren't really my sizes?! I try on a size 32 waist, it seems a lil loose. I get a 31, and it seems tight. A 30" inseam is slightly long, but a 28" looks like I'm flooding. Some 10.5s are spacey, but a 10 can like only be worn with dress socks. A Med shirt is sometimes an extra-medium or a large-medium [in this case, a large-medium is bigger than an extra-medium]. I'm kinda scurred to get too tailored clothes since my body tends to morph.

- I haven't been this excited about a boxing match since I made it to Iron Mike in Mike Tyson's Punch-out. This fight could just validate a movement. And if you don't care for boxing and rather shop, Serramonte Mall will probably be deserted tomorrow night. [thx to G for that joke]

- At work it feels like I'm on my own island. Everyone around me is sick, but I stay immune. All I need is my Wilson and I'd be set!

- Missing: 3 of the 5th Dimension bloggers. 2nd Dimension doesn't sound right. Last seen: commenting on ReegSpeak.

- The GOAT Christmas Song: "Do They Know Its Christmas?" You know, the one that had all them artists on there. "Feed the Wor-rld, let them know its Christ-mas time again!" Wham's "Last Christmas" is a distant second.

- I literally have 5 current chap-sticks I'm using: 2 at my desk, 1 in the whip, 1 in my pocket and 1 on my nightstand. My fav ones is the State Farm promogranate SPF-15 promotional item. I hope they don't expire.

- I think I'ma get a pair of kicks soon.

- Oh yeah I never blogged about Kristin Kreuk's cameo in Smallville. She came back! But it wasn't love at first sight like when I saw her on that billboard while driving through Hollywood in the summer of 2001. It was more like, "oh…she looks different." Don't get me wrong she's still as fly as a bird, but I didn't get that tingling feeling.

- Facebook follies: A few months ago, I was trying to add Melanie M, one of the dopest girls I remember from college. I saw our mutual friends, and they were her roommates and the 50pixel by 50pixel pic looked like her. Then I get an email the other day saying that Merianne M confirmed me as a friend. haha whoops! Funny, at least she didn't reject me. Maybe she felt sorry for me? Like look at this dweeb. Oh well, I think they're cousins or something. So this was one end of the FB spectrum, as the other end happened when Michelle C added me as a friend woohoo! I think I had a crush on her for the 4 years I was there haha.