Friday, April 16, 2004

It's a friiiiday afternoon blog. That's a good thing. Usually it means hugo bossman is gone, work is light, and the wknd is about to commence. Luckily all these virtues hold true.

Yesterday I went golfing with J, Nick and TiffL. Usually you go to the practice range to get better, but with these cats, I may have regressed my game. It was basically like Tiff and the 3 stooges. Skratch that, because any 2 other ppl with J turn into the 3 stooges. I mean, what other sane person wears a ski jacket and batting gloves to play golf?! So after we played we ate at Baker's Square, who's menu consists of anything you can imagine. We took so long to order that our waitress left in the middle of our meal. Lot of memorable quotes from yesterday though:

me: Yo J I have a Big Bertha 3 wood.
J: Oh yeah, I have a Big Girth-a.

me: J would you be a good wingman?
J: Naw I'm more a breastman.

tiff: Reeg you want some of my pie?
me: Naw I don't like lemon.
(it was an apple pie - i coulda swore it was lemon though)

J: I'm laughing so hard I have a stomach ache.
(5 minutes later) J: I'm laughing so hard I have heart burn.
(5 minutes later) J: I'm laughing so hard I'ma die.
me: Make up your damn mind homey!

On Reeg's loyalty:
me: You can count on me like an abacus.

I guess you had to be there for these quotes, because rereading them doesn't hold the same laughter. Its akin to watching a movie in a theatre as opposed to on TV.

With J though man, when he does NOT try to be funny, he's hilarious. However when he tries, ummm he's not. Hopefully we can get a Vega$ trip planned.

Oh yeah, I think I'ma live with Snupe and Meeyushel. They don't know that yet, but I know there both looking for spots. Why not all live together? I think that would be a dope and fun arrangement. Please if you find any cool listings 4wd them to me. =) Yeah it's time for Reeg to bounce. As Pac says, "we gotta go...we gotta's check out time."

Have a happy weekend yall.