Thursday, April 15, 2004


SV was on last night. Just when I thought it was losing some of its luster, and goes and lures me right in, reminding me why I watch the show in the first place (besides KK). I swear it felt like in between seasons between yesterday's episode and the last one I saw. Jorel made an appearance. Jonathan and Lional started brawling. The Kent farm was ransacked. Clark kissed Lana. Lana dissed Clark. There was no Chloe! Or Pete for that matter. No one knows where the Key is. Lex is scheming against Lionel. Jonathan falls from the roof. Lex was rolling in a CL600 AMG (my dream whip - along w/ a dozen others). At 7:59 I was like, okay another episode. But at 8:59 I can't wait til the next one! (although next week's preview only looks okay).

I still have 2 episodes on tape that I haven't watched yet, so maybe that'll carry me over the until next wednesday.

Yesterday during this time slot was AI. Yes, I did record it and watched it afterward. Huf and Diana were mediocre, JPL was comedy, Finch was boring but good. Jasmine sang well, but it seems like she's missing something. The 3 sistas had the 3 best performances of the evening. But Huddy's expressions are waay too much. Quentin T was probably the best celeb judge so far - he was witty, complimentary but truthful. I wanna watch Kill Bill v2, even though I haven't see the first one yet.

I wonder if after the show, the contestants vote for themselves. It would be funnier if they don't allow cell phones a la Real World, but yet have to take turns using the house phone.

I predict Diana will get the boot today.