Friday, April 09, 2004

TGIGF: 2nd G = Good.

Punish me:

So I kept seeing the Punisher commercial and that background song got stuck in my head. It started to bug me because I didn't know it, and I digged it. I went ahead to the official soundtrack website, which had samples of all the songs from the cd. I listened to each snippet at least twice, and none of them matched the song played! I was like, "WTH?!" (what the heazy). I finally googled it and learned that its a Staind song "So Far Away," which doesn't appear on the soundtrack (duh). This is pretty high on Reeg's Pet Peeve list: Songs from movies that do not appear on the soundtrack, compounded by songs that don't appear in the movie, yet somehow are inspired by the motion picture, which do appear on the soundtrack. That is bizarro. Maybe if they had a Big Pun song on there I'd cut them some slack like a seamstress (cutting slacks - yes/no?).

I shall never ever call anyone a retard again, since its innate:
REgan TAcoRDa

A special F.U. goes to callwave for pointing that out.

Goodbye Camile: Well she had a good run, and even though her performance was supbar, she still did better than Finch! She and Jas sang well, probably better than they did when they were judged. Hopefully Jas can inherit her votes.

The following is a story about perserverance, fate and sprinkled with a little luck:

So about a month ago I went to Marshall's to browse around. Shopping at these stores is like shopping in a used record store. No the clothes aren't 2nd-hand, but rather, you don't look for anything specific--you just look. Anyways I stroll to the shoes section even though 99% of the time I don't find jack. This time was the 1%. A shoe stuck out. I said to myself "no way!" and emerged with the Air Garnett III - a 5 year old shoe probably worth about ~ $150. It was a size 10, and I'd prefer a 10.5, but no biggie smalls. Problem was, it was only the right shoe! So I looked around, saying the pair gotta be here somewhere. No luck. The shoe is probably in the stockroom or so, so I asked an employee to take a peek. He couldn't find it! Desperately I talked to a manager there, gave him my number, and instructed him to call me when/if they find the match. Of course I never received the phone call.

Fast forward to yesterday. Again I went to Marshall's, but not with the shoes in mind. As I entered the store though a funny feeling crept into me and willed me to the shoe section. What do I see? Its the left shoe! But wait a minute...its still not paired. I was getting deja-vu as I asked a salesperson to help me. Again he walked into the backroom. After anxiously waiting about 45 seconds, he emerged with the right shoe, with a note to call "Regan" when matched up. Feeling like Cupid after matching up the broken up couple, I gladly purchased them for the clearance price of $29.