Thursday, April 22, 2004

This week I received my new MAXIM in the mail. On the cover was Josie Maran. Wow she's a looker and well deserving of a cover. I'd link her picture but I don't want porn ads appearing above. But the other day I went to Walgreens, and enclosed w/ MAXIM was the 100 Hottest for 2K4 supplement. It didn't come w/ the subscription! I hate polybagged mags, so I discreetly opened the bag to peep the list. It builds up to #1, so naturally I started at the end and read backwards. And according to MAXIM, the #1 stunner is....Jessica Simpson. Followed by Beyonce, annna, halle, j-lo and then I forget. KK wasn't on the list, even though she was on it last year (or 2002?). Paris was #8, and Jessica Alba was #9. What is wrong with that picture? To make matters worse, Mischa Barton was #7 I believe. She's not even the hottest on her show, and I don't even watch it! Bilson > Barton, most definitely.

Wait, a thursday blog and SV isn't the first topic? Yesterday's show was decent. As mentioned last week, Chloe didn't appear in the prior episode, so I guess the producers made up for it this week as the show centered around her. Just when you thought she couldn't get more annoying, she proves you wrong. She narc's on a teacher who may be responsible for a murder, she forces a football player to come out of the closet and basically uses her new found power to make anyone speak the truth. We learn Pete has had the biggest crush on Chloe and Lana is applying to an int'l school (don't go!!!).

I also caught a glimpse of AI. WTF?! As it dominated the airwaves this morning, J-Dob didn't deserve to go. What's funny was that immediately after the announcement, the camera panned to Finch, who had an almost guilty look on his face. She took it like a champ though, and like MSB mentioned, she'll probably land a recording career. Girl can blow! (That's another word for singing you perves).

Saw some NBA action, and saw some lip action on the Bachelor. Yes even Stevie Wonder could see that Trisha is skanky. She's supposed to be a model too? I don't see it. My fav though is Tara. She's a sweet lookin girl and she's a good match for Jesse. This is the 1st episode I saw, and that idea of a spy is brilliant, just brilliant (think Guiness commercial). Props to the cheerleader Julie...too bad she didn't get much airtime.

Whew thursday is a prime time to blog, too bad its also my most busiest day of the work week. I've been spending a lot of quality time with my 27 incher. No not my private part, but my television. Hopefully when summer comes they're no more new episodes and no more hoops. What am I gonna do?!