Friday, April 02, 2004

Happy Friday yall!
- I finished off a box of cookie crisp and a box of apple jacks this week. I guess I'ma cereal killer.
- Instant karma's gonna get you. Remember the elevator fart? Well yesterday I walked into the foulest elevator ever.
- I <3 clean dumps. You know, the ones when you wipe, and you're like "where'd it go??"
- I was complaining to myself that Yahoo! Launch's "hip-hop" station consisted of Chingy and the like. So I basically listened to the Alternative station. However they just added an "underground hip-hop" station, and even though I don't consider nas or kanye UG, it'll do.
- I like that Selfish joint by SV (Slum Village not SmallVille). Kanye is everywhere. Is he becoming a songwhore?
- Wow I haven't talked about SV (SmallVille not Slum Village) in awhile.
- I just dropped a .25G for a single pair of kicks this moment. Ouch.
- .25G sounds way more than 250. Its all relative though - thanks to Einstein.
- For those who didn't get it, Einstein came up with the theory of relativity.
- I just finished that book on the bottom left. A very interesting read. Must take new book from brother's bookshelf.
- Tomorrow's the big game. Please root for TECH.
- I like how my weekend plans hinge on a basketball game in another time zone.
- My cube is pretty vanilla (bland). I should decorate it sometime.
- Lately I've been sleeping late, yet waking up before my alarm. Is that alarming?