Tuesday, April 06, 2004

I'm sad still. It'll take awhile to get over this loss. Oh well, at least dook didn't win. I had a candle lit for GT's prior tournament games, which burned throughout March. However, this candle went out right after halftime - symbolizing the teams fizzle. Okay, that's enough college hoops until preseason. I still think its funny how March Madness ends in April.

Really, that banner up there is starting to get annoying. Just recently I had that "Gay Love" ad that Taft referenced in her comment. I know I live in the Bay Area, but this is exactly how rumors get started. See that "get rid of this ad" button? Its a dead link! I've tried several occasions. Luckily it has already changed, but I won't be surprised if it comes back.

I lied last week. I said I wasn't gonna get the remastered Illmatic, but I did anyways. While it does sound a bit more crisp and cleaner, sometimes I prefer the analog sound. I wanna hear the hisses and the imperfections and the lumps. It adds to the mystique of an album/song, while placing it in its proper era. This cd originally came out in '94, so its not that old. Maybe its just my musiq snobbiness coming out. But I'm sure if you ask Beatles fans from their generation what they'd prefer, I guarantee you that the majority will pick their old records over remastered discs.

Last week I also bagged on my man Ruuuben, but Clay's Invisible joint got to be worser. "I wish I could be a fly on your wall" - uhhh, okay. Which reminds me, AI is on tonight. Go La toya, go Fantasia, go Jasmine. Go home everyone else (except Camile). And I hear Usher's joint is hot.