Saturday, September 03, 2011

6 Months? Wowsers

Just needed to e-dust this thing off and try again. As I'm getting into a flow of things, hopefully blogging will be one of them too. To summarize the past 6 months:

- got
- went to LV, lost mad dough
- went to NYC for the first time in over 10 years
- tried Bon Chon out there, then realized there's a Bon Chon down in the 'Vale
- went to Uniqlo for the first time...lived up to it's hype
- to say I played some golf is an understatement
- skin tone is approaching full-illocano level, although i'm like only 25%
- got rid of my grapes
- took swim lessons for 2 weeks - apparently that wasn't enough
- venture back down to SoCal - went to LegoLand for the first time
- movie of the year thus far:
- man-crush of the year thus far: ryan gosling
- r&b song of the year thus far: lloyd - cupid
- rap album of the year thus far: Krit's? shoot - nothing has really risen above anything else
- went to Yosemite, saw Half-Dome and ran the other direction
- played some more golf
- declined a job with yammer...we'll see how i feel once they get acquired
- 2 goals i had whilst unemployed: clean out my closet and watch the wire. i went 0-for-2
- visited a chiropractor a few times, but i stopped because my insurance lapsed lol
- had a personal high of 181 bowling, including a 4bagger
- started hooping and going to the gym [somewhat] consistently
- went to Kauai for the first time - place is beautiful!
- congrats cheryl/nate on the nuptials!
- rocked out at rock the bells 2011
- accepted a job offer at Axiom Law, started this past monday!