Monday, September 12, 2011

Twork it Out

Starting week 3 here at work, and I’m still in that mode of pretending to look occupied and busy, when really all I’m doing is writing this blog post haha. It doesn’t help that my manager is sitting adjacent to me, but luckily I have two screens, and this is currently being composed on my laptop one further from him. It wouldn’t matter if those screen filters I ordered on day 1 arrived already, but nonetheless I’m still writing.

So thus far it’s been going pretty well. I’m just poking around old files, trying to build reports off our poorly designed accounting software [Great Plains you POS!], looking at financials and just getting a feel of how this department operates. I kinda replaced someone here, but it’s been a minute since he’s been gone and so I’m somewhat on my own island. The only cross-training I do is at the gym!

More so I’m getting a feel of the culture here. I swear people abuse the “Office – All Employees” email alias. I don’t care if you want a damn flu shot. Or do you really have to share your anecdote with so-and-so since they’re leaving? At my last job my email spiraled out of control, so I’m trying to stay on top of it here. I got mad rules in place already, so I think I’m good. A lot of crap is on our shared drive too, so I don’t need my inbox to mirror that. Efficiency yall!

If I were to change something here, it would be everything. But hey, that’s why I’m aboard. [On a side note, one of the few words I jumble up are aboard/abroad. Once I was introduced to a new coworker, and I was like “welcome abroad!” Hope she didn’t think I called her a broad? Or she probably thought I was a captain welcoming her to our cruise ship? Nonetheless, it was a lose/lose situation.]

Til the next entry! And freakin’ my font is still jacked up…grrrrrrrr. If that's the case, please use Google Reader to read me =/.