Thursday, September 29, 2011

Now That We [Haven't] Found Love

So it’s been officially a lil over 2 years since your boy been single. Can’t lie, I thought I would find somebody by now lol. But I guess it doesn’t work like that, or maybe my game isn’t as tight as my pants usually are. It’s just baffling how some people meet their subsequent mates so swiftly and easily. Again with the clothes reference, but if you think I’m particular about how my shirt measures, think about how I'd want my lady to fit! Yeah – from that vantage point it’s pretty difficult. Too bad I can’t just have a bespoke chick haha. That would be awesome though, and I’d definitely pay a premium for that. It’s not even that I’m uber-picky, or maybe I am? All I want is someone to complement my freshness [and compliment my freshness lol – jp oknotreally].

I know it’s something I can’t rush. I know that feeling when you’re with someone and nothing else matters, and one day I hope to recapture that. And I’m confident I will, just not sure when. It’s like an earthquake – you know it’s coming, it’ll just hit you when you don’t expect it. Yes – I just compared love to a natural disaster, and sometimes it’s not too far off haha.

Then it got me thinking – maybe I’m too much of a finished product? [I say that now because I got a job!] I mean real chefs don’t buy the frozen lasagna and stick it in the oven, they buy all the ingredients and put it together, make the necessary modifications, and voila – you have your pasta dish! I think girls prefer someone moldable like old bread. I’m not a work in progress [or process if you choose], I’m already a tangible asset. The only caveat being that I have straight-line appreciation instead haha.

But kill that noise, no matter who you are you adapt to your mate to form that meshing, so I’m not as rigid as my selvedge denim might indicate. Plus maybe older girls do want that ready-made fella. At the end of the day, someone’s gonna dig you or not dig you, regardless of what you are. As a result, the best piece of advice I can offer to myself is just to be myself, and I think that’s what I’ve been doing these past couple years. WYSIWYG. [On a side-note, that would be the dopest MC name ever – MC Wyzzy Wyg. I’m claiming it like 5 minutes ago.]

Eff being a hopeless romantic type – I’ma hopeFUL romantic ninja! I’m about to indulge in some libations later on with my glasses being half full. And I promise my next post won't be as emo hahha.