Thursday, January 29, 2004

I don't know how I got so fixated on entertainment news. Must be when I lived in so cal, so I guess I still got some hollywood in me. Things of note:

- Meet the Parents II is gonna be called Meet the Faukers. I'm in line already.
- Beyonce/Pink/Britney are gonna do a Gladiator Pepsi commercial. Supposedly Beyonce and Brit got into a battle! That would be an ill cat fight - on Chloe and Lana proportions.
- Kanye West is blowing up. He was the producer of my favorite jam of 2K3 ("get by" by talib kweli). Didn't think it would happen behind a mic though.
- The AmId tryouts have got to be the funniest thing on TV now. Each time I hear Simon, I start to like him more. That cat speaks the truth. These Asian cats are making me look bad though haha.
- Anyone catch KK on Conan last week? I missed that particular night, but luckily, they replayed it on comedy central. She seemed kinda nervous (or that may have been me). Anyways, highlights include her saying she would write letters to herself (Dear Kristin.....Love, Kristin), and Conan admitting he watches it and saying he's not the demographic they're shooting for.
- Newlyweds! Yesterday was a good episode. It looks like Jessica is maaad busy and Nick always has free time on his hands. The line of the night went to Nick for once ("they wanted to interview me over lunch, and they made me pay for it!)
- Speaking of which, Jessica is gonna star in a movie called Walk On, chronicling a baseball player's career. She's the GF/wifey.