Thursday, January 29, 2004

I get a sense of relief when my boss is sick and isn't coming in. Breathe easy. Since that's the case, I get to update my blog earlier! Plus I was anxious to write about this one. Without further ado-do...

LV recap...

- I would be eternally scarred if I were Chloe
- That cat fight between Chloe and Lana is one of the greatest SV scenes of all time
- Lana wears Nikes! Anyone notice it?
- WTF was Adam doing in the girls locker room? Or maybe he was following the battle? And when do they allow non-students on campus?
- The Kents must have a bottomless supply of red pickups
- In this day and age, don't you think Chloe should have her own own personal computer?
- The late-night "support" girl was pretty, but moreso when she put her specks on
- $5 says we'll never see Lana's Handspring again, even though its a pretty cool gizmo
- Adam missed his freakin bus, it hurt to see him walk back towards LL. And what's w/ Lana letting him move upstairs so quickly? Errrrr.
- How does Adam learn judo from library books? And even if you do learn computer stuff from books, you would still need a computer to apply those skillz. He's fishy fa sure.
- The meeting of Clark and Adam was pretty funny, in a non-laughing way. Clark > Adam
- How Chloe's boss croaked was pretty ill, probably the most gruesome death in SV history
- Will Lex get those 7 weeks back? Interest plot buildup towards the finale
- You think Chloe noticed Mr. Kent beating Clark w/ a meteor rock? And how Clark tossed a bushel of hay 50 feet?
- How come we always see the kids at school, but never in class?

Sorry these events aren't in chronological order, its just how they pop into my head. See you soon.