Wednesday, January 28, 2004

I'm still tripping off those ads, but for a different reason. Why is it doubled up? The location is so central too. Oh well, I'll try to fix it later. Made a minor update of my recent kicks - told you I got a few! I know, I only have 2 feet...hence the hiatus for awhile. Now I have to make a major decision - which ones to bring to the PI. So far I got flip flops, wedding shoes, clubbin shoes, golf shoes, and probably like 2-3 sneaks. Hmmmm, oh the everyday challenges we face. Speaking of which, I got to do mad stuff b4 I bounce:

- pay rent and bills
- find my sunglasses (darn i lose shades often)
- pack!
- do laundry (i love it when i go there, all my clothes are already ironed when i wake up!)
- go to the post office (i sold like 5 pairs of kicks - it was hard to let go)
- delegate ish here @ work
- clean my room (so i can come home to a happy place)
- take down pasalubong (so far lava rocks, chestnuts and a male-order bride) anybody want anything else?
- buy my travel toiletries

I was in my mom's kitchen the other day, looking at all these sauce bottles. And it seems like Filipinos don't like using sauce for their intended purposes. For example:

- Juffran banana sauce: Have you ever used this on bananas? No...but its a ketchup substitute!
- Patis fish sauce: Sorry, I like my fish soy sauced and citrused. But its pretty good for tomatoes (or eggs if your callwave, re: 98-99 Madrid).
- Sarsa all-purpose sauce: Since we only use this for lechon, its not very all-purposeful.

(side note: my bro said that is "blog-worthy" - i guess it is!)

Perusing further into my kitchen I found a can of adobo-flavored tuna. That's why my dad shouldn't go grocery shopping.