Tuesday, January 06, 2004

OK here's to my first post of the new year. Sorry it's kinda late, but I'm still feeling the affects of new year's eve. I had to go to the doctor yesterday. For real. Anyways, let us back track. So for Ant’s b-day/new year bash, which took about 2 years of planning no joke, we took BART because we all know that I wasn’t planning on driving. Basically, my blog would be longer, but I don’t remember what happened. I last remember taking a shot, then waking up the next afternoon with a massive hangover. Ironic because that day I see a commercial for hangovers for a product called Chaser. Keep in mind that I’ve never seen this commercial before, but now I might have to try it!

So I got a headache and a stomach ache. But the following morning I have a backache. Usually my back pains go away within a day or a few hours. This one is lingering to this moment. I feel kinda crooked, so I peep a mirror. I’m sideways! I’m bent. Doc says I should straighten out but damn, this is kinda scary. I feel like a sidewalk tree with those wooden stakes to keep me upright. Anyone know a local chiropractor? I may have scoliosis.

Back to the party. Thanks Jefe, Snup and John for carrying me 4 blocks to the BART station. Thanks Michelle for providing the paparazzi. Thanks Michelle and Tiff for tryna calm V-may down. Thanks BART people for giving me h20 and paper towels. Thanks V-may for changing me and hating me and taking care of me simultaneously. Thanks Sylv for not liking your drink, backwashing it, and not stopping me from drinking it. Thanks tarot lady for saying I’m a good lover. Thanks artist man for painting us. Thanks for anyone who bought me a drank. Thanks Ant for throwing it!