Friday, August 15, 2008

The H8r List

Inspired by my oldest brother, my father and the homie Shozo, I felt the urge to generate my own hater list. This is an ode to those 3, who are the 3 biggest haters I know haha. And I’m thankful that none of them will actually read this actual entry. But yeah, this morning after listening to “Hate That I Love You” by Ri-Ri and MC3, I was like what else do I hate?? It was a struggle to come up with more than 5 so a list of 25 is out of my realm. I’m a lover and not a hater, so this is a bit out of my element. In spirit of Shozo’s Ploomy piece, I’ma deviate from a standard number and use a prime one like he suggest haha

- Bay Bridge closedowns: Why is it that the nights I choose to drive and come back home, there’s always some seismic retrofitting closure going on? So last night I got home around 2a when I should’ve been home like at 130a. Truth be told I’ve endured longer waits, but it kinda sucks when you tryna hold in a deuce. That’s what I get for having In-N-Out hella late.

- Store Issued Credit Cards: So a few months ago I bought some gear from BR. I never even carry this card around, but I guess I gave them my SSN to process the transaction. It was only like $100 worth of crap too. Anyway a couple months pass and I totally forget since the statements go to my folks crib, and I got like $50 in late fees dammit. I take pride in being fiscally responsible but I took the L here. At least they reversed one of the late charges.

- Clothes that Don’t Fit: I can’t wait til clothes just mold into your body like in the days of George, Jane, Judy and El-Roy. If I had the money and desire, I would tailor all my threads. Naw eff that, I would just buy new clothes! I don’t have anything with a size S in my wardrobe, but I’ve actually considered it. But the homie Norm took it to another level, as this dude straight up rocks XS for his polos! Emo has claimed yet another hip-hopper.

- Rocking a Sweater in the Summer: Not exactly similar to rocking mink boots in the summertime like Will.I.Am, but for real sometimes I wish it were a lil warmer. Oh yeah it was actually nice a couple days ago, and my driver had his heater turned up all the way! It was like I was in a mobile sauna.

- Pandora: Okay I like it too, but they’re getting a little to ClearChannelish for me by playing the same songs over and over and over and over again. Granted I love my MC3 station, but they play the same like 15 songs again, and even repeat songs within an hour or so! I just need to get a lil dock for my iPod since I use speakers anyway.

- My T-Mobile Dash: Yeah I still hate it. Scroll down for a bigger synopsis.

- Women: Hahaha jp, I still love chicks. Its just when I declare my hatred towards girls, good things seem to happen afterward. I just get restless when I’m breastless lol. [btw, that line is trademarked by me].