Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax 11+

Usually it takes me like 5, maybe 10 seconds to decide whether or not I’ma purchase a pair of sneakers. I either love it or hate it or am whatever about them pretty instantaneously. However it’s a matter of time before I actually get them, if I ever do. I’ve had kicks on my grail list for a real long time, like since 2 olympiads ago you know? But now I really don’t trip off shoes too much. Yeah yeah I’ve been saying that for a minute but its really true! I’m about function over fashion now, and my last purchase symbolized that. With about half of Run Club, we ventured down to Road Runner Sports and I had my stroll, gait, stride and run analyzed. It was pretty fresh actually. It took like about 30 minutes to finish, and then a salesperson comes out with all these different kicks. For poops and tickles, I tried on some non-Nike brands like Saucony’s and adidas and New Balances, I just had to ensure there were no cameras around though.

Ultimately I decided on these kicks, and they’re treating my feet really well thus far. They only had primarily colors [red & blue] over there, so I had to go to Eastbay to get a neon pair. I really wish I could’ve nike-ID’ed them, but I’m totally satisfied with them.

Oh yeah and damn that is probably the longest shoe name ever. PS - thanks Rach for the runner's loop! Now its officially official.