Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Skrilla Skratch Paper

Even if you're not a numbers person, I strongly suggest that you should keep track of your spending habits and fixed expenses. After every pay increase you have, you should reallocate your funds in your budget. See where you can cut down and increase elsewhere, as in building your reserves. Once you take out taxes, freaking 62% of my take home [or net] goes back into the asset section of my balance sheet, which ranges from liquid to illiquid. My goal is to get that number to 75% and live off that 25% haha.

Just remember to pay yourself first even if you have debt. Debt isn't necessarily bad, just debt with a high interest rate is. Granted I could eliminate my debt sooner [except for my school loan], but I ain't really tripping off that.

Here's a snapshot with percentages of my gross, like I would reveal how much I make! But regardless of your income, this practice is beneficial for anyone. And I'll give yall a template if you want.

Also if any finance gurus [even though i supposedly have a Financial Advisor] can recommend any reappropriation of my loot, do tell!